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About sapphireFX LLC

SapphireFX LLC is an evolutionary Forex software company founded by two lifelong friends; Dave Clauson, an active independent trader since 1975 and Brian Broyles, development architect and trader. Years before MTP came to the public eye, Brian was challenged with keeping pace on Dave’s trading methodologies. The first iterations of MTP were strictly proprietary workhorses. The solution only had to do a few task to keep an eye on any open trades and carry them to a successful conclusion. After a few seasons, professional traders on Dave’s inner circle were asking for MTP to be shared so his results could be mimicked. MTP was battle tested by this team of highly skilled insiders for almost two years before word of mouth spread from those humble beginnings to make MTP available for all retail traders rather than keep it proprietary. With the advent of high speed Internet connections and truly affordable personal computers, the timing all fell into place.Forex Charts

MTP has evolved into a complete trade management package for the retail trader. MTP offers its owners the ability to design, research, test, analyze, and trade strategies uniquely suited to the individual need and risk tolerance of each trader as an individual. Until MTP became available, these critical elements were out of reach for the average trader.

Today’s Forex market is very liquid, highly dynamic in nature, and already heavily automated inside the professional houses, that it is essential for the independent trader to invest in some level of automation if they want to move from being a hobbyist to experiencing consistent positive results trading currencies. MTP offer you the right amount of automation for your immediate and future requirements. From basic trade assistance to full blown complex intelligent constructs to handle your most demanding trade strategies.

We invite you to join us as a client and we look forward to growing as traders together.


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