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Houston, TX June 9, 2013 – SapphireFX, LLC a leading provider of strategic trading software for the active trader, just released MTP 4.7 with Trade Assist ™. Independent retail traders now have a tactical edge in the Forex market. MTP 4.7 with Trade Assist ™ helps the trader receive better market entry pricing and additional pips using innovative closing order opportunities.


sapphireFX, LLC highly anticipated release of Manage The Pip 4.7 strengthens Forex, CFD, and Futures traders using the Metatrader 4 platform with automated trade management software designed to profile trader-specific strategies and execute each individual trader’s methodology and trade rules, monitoring and reacting to the market price action according to the trader’s instruction for maximum profits using the power and speed of today’s processors and high-speed Internet connections.


Now with the release of Manage The Pip (MTP) 4.7 and Trade Assist ™, the independent Forex trader gains a competitive edge over the competition. MTP 4.7 with Trade Assist ™ helps the trader receives better market entry pricing and advanced closing order opportunities. Proper entries have always been a challenge for every trader in the Forex market using the high leverage available. The right entry is critical to achieve profitability. Computers are the perfect tool to enhance a trader’s entry or exit opportunities and are better adept at sensing appropriate changes in price action than a trader can respond to. MTP 4.7 enhances virtually every aspect of a trader’s efforts to give the trade a tactical advantage and become profitable. “When properly using Manage The Pip, order slippage is a thing of the past. The days of an independent trader entering the market without some type of automated software are limited.” says Dave Hey, managing partner and chief trader for sapphireFX LLC.


While all trading involves risk, having the right tools in your trading arsenal is a must to compete in today’s highly automated markets. With the release of MTP 4.7 with Trade Assist ™, traders can breathe easier knowing their strategies and trade management needs are automated and can quickly react to changing market conditions with enhanced entry and exit trade assistance. The personal emotional constraints that have hindered profitability in the past can now be powered by MTP’s trade management software unique to each trader and executed with machine precision and Internet speed.



There are over 100 enhancements including . . .


Improved System Performance – the requirement to handle more currencies, futures, and other market data requires an efficient codebase to react quickly to changing market conditions and execute on all fronts.


Enhanced Stop Loss and Take Profit features – MTP 4.7 offers every method to protect your margin and just as many methods to take maximum profits.


New Entry Order Capabilities – expanding on the success of MTP 4.6 entry matrix, new capabilities include an improved independent strategy entry and exit order submission flexibility.


Powerful Back-Testing and Trade Simulation Functionality – introducing more ways to verify
your trading system before deployment including technical analysis optimization and entry/exit controls.


New Graphical Configuration Tools – Create your Trader’s playbook in advance of actually making a trade. Break free of the built in advisor line editor provided by Metatrader 4



Please visit the Manage The Pip website for a complete listing of enhancements and
upgrades at:


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