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When you become an owner of MTP, we want to insure you get everything you need out of your investment. Our client services will help you with services like helping you automate your strategies or create alerts. Our staff is here to make sure you wring out all the benefits of MTP. Get greater control over your Metatrader platform. 

At MTP, your success is very important to us. We provide free webinars each week to cover the basic use of MTP expert advisor, MTP trainer, configuration tool, and MTP indicators. There is also a growing library of short video tutorials for owners of MTP.

Even with all this, there may still be a need for direct one-on-one mentoring with one of our staff. The fee is $90/hr. We will remotely link up with your computer and share screens. We can discuss anything you want. If you are struggling or right on the edge with your trading, this may be just what you need to get to the next step in your plan.

If interested, contact us with your request and we can make arrangements.


Need More? Come join us Live in Houston September 9 & 10, 2013

The staff at MTP is conducting a live 2 day deep-dive seminar this fall. These fill up fast and are a not-to missed event for getting a deep dive into all the features of the MTP Toolkit. Meet the development team along with other fellow traders. Don't miss our next session this September 2013


Here's a look at our Tuesday evenings sessions. Join us at 8:pm central time for free MTP product training from the comfort of your own home.

We have partnered with webex to provide this interactive online training. Please visit to view our schedule.

The training throughout the month is structured to insure you get the most out of your investment and are up and going in no time!


Week One: Come see what MTP is all about.

In this one-hour, you will be presented with a clear understanding of what tools and features comprise the MTP tool kit. Learn how to add MTP to your charts and how to create and use different profiles. Check out the real value of the Metatrader 4 Strategy tester and the MTP Trainer, and get a feel for the power of the MTP scripts.


Week Two: MTP Basic Profile Training

Last week we installed MTP and discussed the tools - Now What? Come join us as we walk through creating a few profiles for use with any trade strategy. We will address common questions for both short term trade rules and long term methodologies.


Week Three: MTP Advanced Matrix Training

This webinar explains the advanced trade management features of the entry and exit matrix capabilities of MTP. Come join us as we bring together specific examples of these powerful features using common methods and strategies examples.


Week Four: Meet the developers

Manage The Pip provides direct access to the team via skype and email support, but it's always great to get your questions about the features of MTP direct from the horses mouth. This session is to introduce your development team. Once a month we like to give you the opportunity to talk directly with the staff and get your questions answered live. During this hour, we also offer the opportunity to break out into a one-on-one conversation or remote session if needed to really deep dive into any topic you may have (time permitting).


With MTP Trainer Pro, you will not leave money on the table. Learn to trade risk free with real historical market action.


Uniquely positioned in the Forex industry, Manage The Pip guides you through the MTP Configuration Tool.


Online Training Join us on Tuesday evening, 8:pm central time, for your free MTP training webinars.