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A Message From Dave


Hello and welcome to our Internet home. First, I want to thank our clients for their support and energy. Manage The Pip™ has become the #1 Forex Trade Management Software on the market because of you. The dedication and creative aspect of your trade research and strategy building always impresses me. I also love your letters and comments about how you put MTP to work and how it really fits into your successful trading life. For those just reading for the first time about our product, Manage The Pip™ is a toolkit of extraordinary flexibility and open controls that provide you, the independent retail trader, the power and optimization equal to the most advanced trade management solutions found only in world banks and hedge fund houses.

When we started out to make Manage The Pip™ (better known simply as MTP) available to the public, I was blown away with the response and the success people all over the world are able to achieve by simply disconnecting from the maintenance of trades, allowing MTP to remove the frustration and rollercoaster emotions. You may not think there is a strong influence, but watching the screen tick-by-tick to insure you are prepared to take any actions required in order to follow your trading plan does have an emotional impact – and it’s not normally positive for your trading profitability. For those of you considering adding MTP to your trading, let me outline a few features of MTP. Starting with:

Never break a trading rule again!

It’s been said that computers are not smart, but they are obedient. If you trade the Forex market using Metatrader 4, MTP is an add-on you absolutely cannot be without. Manage The Pip™(MTP) is positioned at the sweet-spot where automation meets trader intelligence.

Please understand, MTP is not a black box, it is not a system, it does not require any coding, nor does it let you down. MTP is a toolkit that provides the retail trader the capability to wring-out the absolute most “pipage” from your own library of strategies and trading methods. By including automation to your platform, you to take full advantage of today’s high speed internet connections and the processing power and speed of today’s micro-processors. MTP is the very first account manager that will follow your rules without hesitation. MTP works for you!

MTP is comprised of five tools all designed to provide you a competitive edge in the Forex market. First is the expert advisor itself which acts as your personal broker 24 hours a day. As a trader, you maintain complete control over your account and instruct MTP to manage your trades the same way you would. With MTP on the job, you are freed up to research your next trade opportunity knowing your instructions are understood and MTP vigilantly watching any open trades.

The second tool in the kit is the MTP Configuration Tool. The configuration tool allow you to build profiles for each of your trade methods and strategies for any type of market condition or expectations. It’s like having an NFL playbook at your fingertips. You have the right techniques ready to go no matter what trade setup you find. Of course MTP can be more than just a rote up-tight employee. Unleashing the advanced market intelligence features inside the configuration tool make available the processing perception of your computer’s ability to read and interpret the tempo of your broker’s time and sales streaming data. MTP can assist you in optimizing better entries and exits based on insights a human trader simply cannot process and react to at Internet speed.

Another Manage The Pip™ feature provided in the toolkit is the MTP Trade Simulator. Metatrader 4 ships with a rudimentary playback feature, but MTP takes this to a whole new level and allows the trader to practice risk-free 24-hours a day (including weekends) with real market price action. MTP’s Trade Simulator allows you to interactively experiment with strategies, practice timing, optimize your profiles, place all manner of order types – market and pending. Your training sessions can now have real benefits and documented results to examine. Oh, and let me mention one additional thing. Since MTP annotates your charts as you trade for you, these charts can be saved and played back at your convenience to relive the exact conditions that existed while you were live in the markets. Traders now have a trading log that is more than just a screen captured image or some notes scribbled on a piece of paper. Your trade journal has just been turned into a trade Vlog (video log!).

Another capability worth highlighting is the ability to trade visually right on the chart. Trading exactly the way you think. Using pending orders, take-profit orders, or any other order execution activity that is price and time independent (another MTP exclusive breakthrough). This innovation alone makes MTP a “must have” for any serious trader. On-chart trading provides the trader a clear picture and easy operation to fully layout any strategy and capitalize on emerging patterns in advance Once you see what these features can do, you’ll wonder how you ever traded without them.

My note’s a bit long-winded, but all of us here at are passionate about our product, our successes, and our client’s successes. So to wrap things up, I encourage you to look around our site, get a feel for the product, the training available, and the support we provide. I’m sure you will join us and I personally look forward to seeing you online soon at one of our webinars.

Happy Trading,



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