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Manage The Pip 4.8

metatrader 4 screenprintThere are literally over 100 configuration points to address any situation any trading rules, any time of the day in the Forex market. Add the simplicity of the Profit Profile configuration tool to manage different market conditions or market session, creation and live webinar support makes this a must have EA for all Professional or Retail Traders.       

 The Three "R's": Set Your Risk, Target Your Reward, Set Your Rules, Make the Trade, Reap the Results! With transactions happening at computer speeds today in the trading world, the use of an Expert Advisor to manage your trades is simply a requirement in today's market.

Every successful trader knows you need to plan the trade way before putting money at risk, make the trade, and follow the plan. This is exactly what MTP can do for you. Now, you can place a trade whether it is a market call or a pending order for sometime in the future. MTP is there to be your right-hand man - or should we say robot. Be free to take your eyes off the chart, move on to look for the next opportunity, or even go enjoy the lifestyle trading brings with it, all the while knowing MTP is there monitoring, watching, managing your investment with the dedication of purpose only a computer can bring.

MTP is designed for the professional retail trader. If fact, it is designed FROM a professional retail trader. Dave Hey has been trading in the markets over 30 years and is now offering us the experience and exact Expert Advisor he uses on a daily basis. When we talk about MTP managing your trade for you, we mean exactly that. Not only does this EA address all seven pillars of a complete trading plan, but allows you to dynamically modify any setting once you find yourself on the right side of the market order flow. There are also disaster recovery and business continuity features built right into the product. A must have for the serious trader.

MTP 4.8 is a robust expert advisor solution containing everything you need: MTP 4.8, the Configuration Tool to create your profiles, the MTP Scripts, and the MTP Trainer Pro. 


Example Setup

This is an educational example of the flexibility MTP can provide. Take a look at the setup. Price action is tightening into a wedge pattern. I am going to assume the odds favor a continuation in the direction of entry so I've placed a sell stop and sell limit pending order on the diagonal access of price action This is an MTP exclusive. The ability to adapt to any pattern is key to finding the high probability entries and offers the advantage of being price and time independent. The BuyStop acts as a stop loss in this scenario and will close and reverse the position. The top EXITLINE1 again allows price to run and if price simply breaks down, the SELLSTOP will trigger taking profit at EXITLINE2. Adding any other trade rules are easily added using the MTP Configuration Tool (bundled with MTP). Be sure to watch our videos for complete details.

 Metatrader 4 Chart with MTP



With MTP Trainer Pro, you will not leave money on the table. Learn to trade risk free with real historical market action.


Uniquely positioned in the Forex industry, Manage The Pip guides you through the MTP Configuration Tool.


Online Training Join us on Tuesday evening, 8:pm central time, for your free MTP training webinars.