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Manage The Pip 4.8

metatrader 4 screenprintThere are literally over 100 configuration points to address any situation any trading rules, any time of the day in the Forex market. Add the simplicity of the Profit Profile configuration tool to manage different market conditions or market session, creation and live webinar support makes this a must have EA for all Professional or Retail Traders.       

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MTP Configuration Tool

Manage The Pip Forex Configuration ToolThis tool is included with MTP 4.7 and not sold separately. Wouldn't it be absolutely fantastic if you could simply take a piece of software, point it at the forex market and just sit back and watch the money roll in month after month? Let’s face it, that’s not realistic. We all know there is no free-lunch out there. I have learned that everything in life that is worth the effort, takes work, and I can’t think of anything worth effort more than financial freedom for you, for your family!

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MTP Indicators

Forex Trading IndicatorsThis set of proprietary indicators are the exact ones developed and used by our staff to take home a paycheck!!! Our MTP specific indicators allow you to better evaluate what is going on in the market place. As a retail or professional trader, technical indicators provide a potential glimpse into the future by offering a different perspective from which to analyze price action in your effort to gain your competitive edge over market competition.

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Uniquely positioned in the Forex industry, Manage The Pip guides you through the MTP Configuration Tool.


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